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Here are some testimonials that our customers have sent in, if you have something you would like to share please, contact us


Hello i-Torch,

 I have recently purchased one of the underwater flashlights that your company sells.  I am a recreational diver and a realtor.   I occasionally will do a work dive on docks and morrings for the marina that I work part time for.  I recently was diving on a set of mooring chains for an inspection work dive and in a very silty environment I was able to turn on my i-torch advanced b flashight down on the bottom in a zero viz situation to inspect the chains and this light was so bright with the direct beam I could inspect the chains no problem.  The small design makes it so much better than hanging my older light of my vest while under water which is safer and a lot easier to use!  As a realtor I often end up in basements of vacant homes and some pretty nasty situations where having a good flaslight is key.  Again I can use this great light above and below the water!  I will recommend this flashlight anytime I can.  

 Bob Black


 I have been diving for thirteen years of my life. I have also been a NAUI/TDI/SDI/IANTD Instructor for almost five years teaching all levels of our training courses. In the time that I have been diving so much, I’ve become notorious for breaking flashlights. I’ve had probably fifty different dive lights in my time… The new I-Torch Tec light that I’ve been using over the last few months is phenomenal. The performance is unbeatable, and to have that much power in such a small, ergonomically designed light is a divers dream. I was using another major US brand light as my primary for quite some time when I switched to my I-Torch Tec; I believe I found my new primary, secondary, and back-up light all in one type of dive light. The ability to switch throughout the different power settings allows me to use the light in many different situations, as well as conserving the burn time of the light for longer usage. The surface support of having a strobe built in to the design of the light makes night dives at the surface, much safer for not only the divers, but the boat crew and captain too. Reverse threading for the on/off switch also helps to prevent the classic flooding issues we’ve all seen before. In conclusion, I will personally be recommending the I-Torch Tec to any diver, student, or customer seeking a great dive light. I thank you.

As Always… Still Diving,

Jon Landress


Paula Bee, Experienced Diver, Virginia – Light is awesome and no buddy better be touching my light I will not be sharing this light!

Richard Gingras, Tech Diver, Ottawa, Canada - Big power in a small package with the perfect beam width

Dave Bader, SSI Instructor and Tech Diver, North Carolina – Check out all my Dive lights that are now for sale on e-bay!  Its about time someone got a light right.

Osman – Dive master with Subway Adventures, Roatan – Man this is the best light I have ever used. The strobe is great and this needs to be the light every diver carries on a night dive.


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