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Sharkhon GoPro Filters

We now supply another accessory to make your videos look even better! Introducing Sharkhon colour correction filters, made to fit Hero3, Hero3+, and Hero4. These filters are the most affordable on the market with the correct colour to make all your videos look great! These are a polycarbonate filter with a rubberized boot that simply pushes over your GoPro lens. In the package you will also find a lanyard so the filter won't get away from you, and a soft bag to avoid scratches! You can also buy just the filter lens if you manage to damage you original lens. The lenses are interchangeable between both Hero3\Dive, and Hero3+ housings.  


Sharkhon Red Filter for Hero3, and Hero3+ DIVE housing Sharkon Magenta Filter for Hero3/Dive housingSharkhon Red Filter for Hero3+ Sharkhon Magenta Filter for Hero3+

Sharkhon Red Filter LENS ONLYSharkhon Magenta LENS ONLY 

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