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iPix A5 for iPhone 5 Waterproof enclosure

Introducing the iPix A5 for iPhone® 5

This is no basic case. The iPix is a serious tool for anyone on, in or under the water. The iPix for iPhone is a multi-featured solution specifically made to optimize the photo and video imaging capabilities of those who have traded their digital cameras for the simplicity of their smart phone. This housing protect your phone in up to 57 meter deep water (180 feet). This isn't your standard waterproof case, this is a waterproof enclosure for your phone! Now available.


  • Compatible with iPhone 5
  • Glass lens port and baffle for optical image clarity
  • iPhone is fully suspended within the housing ensuring the phone and screen are effectively shielded from wear, tear, shock and pressure.
  • Depth Rating: 57 meters
  • Custom app and buttons to optimize still & video camera functions
  • Integrated universal tripod mount
  • Lens bezel (M32) for external filters and lenses
  • One Year Warranty
  • Optional Tray and light setup available
  • Available with either Black, or White carbon

MSRP: $119.95

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