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i-Torch Video Pro5

The Video Pro5 brings the lumen dollar ratio to a whole new level. Pushing out a massive 1600 lumens this light will surely light the way for all your video and focus light needs. 110 degree smooth even beam means there won't be any hotspots showing up in your images! A simple twist on, and off keeps this light easy to operate no matter what the situation. A durable Polycarbonate body helps keep the costs down and strength up, anodized aluminum head helps dissipate the heat. Double O-ring sealed to make sure the water stays out! We package the light with 2 sets of rechargeable lithium batteries so you can always have a spare battery ready to roll (Charger also included). You will find a YS Mount in the box too, so this is a complete package. You won't have to buy a mount for our light compared to some of the others on the market!




i-Torch Video Pro5i-Torch Video Pro5

i-Torch Video Pro5



Switch: Bezel Twist (Turns on by twisting the head down)

O-ring: Double O-ring 

Battery: 2 x 18650 rechargeable lithium (included)

Burn time: 55 minutes @ 100%

Lumen: 1600 Lumens

Beam angle: 110 degrees

Mode: 2 Modes (100%, 50%) (To switch modes simply turn off for 1 second, then turn back on, if off for longer then 1 second will start at 100% again)
Included in Box: Video Pro5, YS Mount, lanyard, 4 x  NCR-18650 Li-ion MH12210 batteries, and dual channel battery charger (AC 110-240 Volt)
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