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I-Torch Video Pro4

The latest addition to the I-Torch line in the video section is the Video Pro4. Boasting a blinding 1300 lumens, and a wide even beam of 110 degrees this is the next step from the Video Pro. We have used a different reflector in this light also giving the beam a very soft edge instead of a hard fall off. Coming in at twice as bright (As the Video Pro3), and now featuring both 3 white light levels of brightness, and 3 red light levels of brightness the user has plenty of options to how they would like to light their subject. Using a single lithium cell creates a very compact light weight package. We include 2 cells and the charger so you can always have one on charge and one ready to roll. With this system the user does not have to worry about a sealed lithium cell dieing in the middle of a trip! Also includes standard YS mount to attach to your arm system.
i-Torch Video Pro4 - Compact Video and Focus light 1300 lumens
Material: Anodized Aluminum

Switch: Tacticle push button on rear cap

O-ring: Double O-ring 

Battery: 1 x 32650

Burn time: 1.5 @ MAX brightness, then slowly decreasing

Lumen: 1300 Lumens


Beam angle: 110 Degrees

Mode: WHITE: Full, 1/2, 1/4 RED: Full, 1/2, 1/4

To cycle through modes just a half press on tacticle push button 

In Box: Video Pro4, Lanyard with Caribeaner, YS Mount, 2x 32650 lithium batteries, charger, and instruction manual  

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