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I-Torch 600

The i-Torch 600 is driven by 3XAA battaries providing 600 lumens and 1-2 hours burn time.  A great price point with YS-adaptor mount included and using the super bright XM-L T6. The reflector is a special design that has been CNC cut so the light beam is evenly diffused. The 600 is a great choice for digital camera HD movie illumination or DSLR target/ focus light, as well as a video light. These features make the i-Torch 600 the best value for your money in the market



i-Torch 555




Switch: Bezel Twist

O-ring: Double O-ring 

Battery: 3 x AA

Burn time: 1.5 to 2 hours 

Lumen: 600 Lumens


Beam angle: 80 degrees

Mode: On or Off

In Box: 555, Lanyard with clip, YS Mount, 3xAA batteries, and instruction manual    

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