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Here at  i-Torch we love lights. We distribute a great range of lights that will suit most anyones needs. From wide angle lights for video and photography to narrow beam lights for when deep penetration is required. We strive to bring you the best most innovative outdoors lights for a great value. We are constantly working on new and different products to address any new ideas\requirements that our divers have come up with. 

All of our lights utilize the latest and greatest in LED technology. Providing a great amount of brightness for the size of light, and battery required. We also use Integrated circuits with our LED’s instead of resistor driven. Which means we can power the lights more efficiently and use less energy; it also gives some of our lights multi modes so you no longer have to carry around your strobe lights and can have varying brightness.

Please take a look at our product menu and we are sure you will find something to suit your needs. If you do have extra questions that you can’t find the answers to here, do not hesitate to contact us!


Here is a video sent in by Jon Barcellona using 2 x i-Torch Video's
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